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Workers’ Compensation Is For Health Care Workers, Too

Maybe you work at a hospital or a nursing home. You may be a registered nurse, an orderly or a personal care assistant. You are on the front lines of our country’s health care. And, it is not an easy job.

You spend your days lifting patients, running around with medicines and instruments and dealing with people at their very worst. Over time, this can lead to worn-out bodies and poor mental health. For many, these long-term injuries will mean you have to take time off, sometimes even stop working permanently.

Medical Professionals Are At High Risk

As a health care worker, your health is often at risk. On top of exposure to illness, the simple act of lifting and turning patients can cause back, neck and hip injuries. High demand and understaffing may mean you slip and fall or that you are cut on an implement. Patient handling can result in all kinds of injuries.

What is worse is that many of these injuries develop over time.

Regardless of how you got your injury, if you were hurt at work or through long-term work conditions, you are entitled to workers’ compensation.

Torrance and Southern California could not function without you. Workers’ compensation is here to take care of you after you have taken care of so many.

Legal Professionals Ready To Get You Compensation — Efficiently

The attorneys at Ozurovich, Schwartz & Brown have helped many health care workers get workers’ compensation claims settled. For a lawyer experienced in advocating for health care worker injuries, call our office. We will treat you with respect and get your case underway as soon as possible.

Our phone number is 310-803-9205. You can also contact us through our online form. Set up an appointment; your first consultation is free. Se habla español.

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