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Construction Injuries Should Not Stop You From Living

You’re a hardworking person. You get up early and labor all day. Construction is not an easy industry and your body feels it. You know your job can be risky. Now, with an injury, you also know you need an attorney who can help.

A construction injury can keep you out of work for months or years. Workers’ compensation benefits can help you pay the bills until you can go back to work.

At Ozurovich, Schwartz & Brown, our attorneys have successfully obtained workers’ compensation benefits for thousands of clients. Our knowledge of California benefits systems means your life can get back in gear.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation

Are you suffering from an injury you received on a construction site? Falls, crushing accidents and machine injuries can cause lifelong injuries. Now, you may be unable to work, and with mounting medical costs and the day-to-day cost of living in California, you need help. We help construction laborers get workers’ compensation benefits for:

Construction accidents can be very dangerous. Considering third-party liability claims in construction, disputes can last too long. A lawyer who understands insurance claims and workers’ benefits can expedite your claims.

We Can Help You

For an evaluation of your claim, come into our office on Torrance Boulevard. Our legal team has decades of experience and pays attention to the detail. We take an active approach to your legal needs. You can set up a free consultation by email, or you can call our office at 310-803-9205.

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