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Torrance-Area Attorneys Who Can Help With Denied Social Security Claims

Social Security Disability benefits are provided by federal law to help citizens who are disabled and unable to work. Paid for by taxpayers, SSDI and SSI are provided to cover living expenses for those in need. (Those who are awarded benefits can also get Medicare to cover their health needs.)

While these benefits are a legal right, they are managed by a vast administrative system and therefore do not come easily — in reality, it often takes a fight to get Social Security benefits for those who clearly qualify for them. That’s where having an experienced disability attorney comes in.

It’s A Difficult Process. We Can Make It Easier. If you have suffered a disabling injury or illness that is keeping you from working, call us at 310-803-9205 to discuss your illness or injury with a Southern California lawyer who knows the Social Security system inside and out.

Get Help From A Los Angeles Social Security Benefits Appeal Attorney

As you may know, the majority of initial claims (applications for Social Security Disability benefits) are denied. If your initial claim was turned down, you can benefit from a lawyer who knows how to successfully appeal.

Appealing a denied Social Security Disability claim involves getting the right kind of reports from doctors, filling out paperwork properly, following up on details and presenting the case at hearings. We can do all these things for you.

Career-Ending Disabilities

In the current economic situation, some people develop disabilities that end their careers prematurely and force them to apply for Social Security benefits before they reach retirement age. These people have paid Social Security taxes over the course of their working life and may be entitled to benefits if they can demonstrate total disability.

If you are in this situation, our attorneys can help you gather the required medical information and fill out the paperwork needed to successfully obtain Social Security Disability benefits.

No Legal Fees Unless We Are Successful

We will not charge you any attorney fee unless we are successful. If we do help you win benefits, our fee will be a reasonable percentage of back payments that are awarded, in accordance with federal law.

SSI Or SSD Benefit Denial? Call For A Free Consultation.

Was your Torrance Social Security claim denied? Attorneys from our firm can help. Call us at 310-803-9205 for a free consultation. Se habla español.

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