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Do You Qualify For Supplemental Security Income?

If you have no work history and are injured, where do you go for help? Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is designed to help people in exactly this situation.

SSI is one of the more complicated assistance programs. It requires its applicants to apply for many other programs and limits how much you can make before you are no longer eligible. Your disability, living status and other factors can all change how much you are eligible to receive. Furthermore, SSI benefits can also impact your children.

Ozurovich, Schwartz & Brown attorneys can help you apply for SSI, make sure you retain as many benefits as possible, and represent you and your family’s interests.

What Makes SSI Different From SSDI?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is deducted from workers’ wages as an insurance for workers who may become disabled. Unlike SSI, this program requires you to have paid FICA taxes. If you have never worked, you are not eligible for SSDI.

Can I Get SSI If I Am An Immigrant?

Yes. As long as you have legal status, you can be eligible for SSI. To talk about your specific case, you should speak to an attorney.

What Counts As Income?

Your income level changes whether or not you are eligible for SSI. The actual income limit depends on your personal situation, and the calculation can be incredibly complicated.

Your income can come from many places, including a retirement fund, federal and state benefits, and full-time and part-time wages. Some exemptions are in place that may change how you count your income. An experienced lawyer can help you with these calculations.

Why You Need A Lawyer

Social Security benefits are there to be a resource for people in need. Unfortunately, they are not always easy to get. A good lawyer can help you get your benefits in full. Call our Torrance office by dialing 310-803-9205 and set up your first consultation for free. You can also reach us by email.

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