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On-The-Job Stress May Mean You Are Eligible For Workers’ Compensation

Not all injuries are physical. Your mental health is just as important to your life as your physical health. When your work damages your mental health, workers’ compensation may be an appropriate recourse.

In today’s world, mental injuries are not always taken seriously. And, because they cannot be seen on an X-ray or cause fevers and chills, a psychological injury can be very difficult to prove. You need an attorney to make your strongest case and get the best compensation possible.

California Requirements For Mental Stress Workers’ Compensation

California law has specific requirements for showing mental stress in a workers’ compensation claim. The law allows you to file for workers’ compensation for mental stress if:

  • You have worked for your employer for at least six months
  • You have a medically diagnosed condition listed in the DSM-IV, such as a sleep disorder, depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Work events are the predominant cause of your condition

Traumatic or stressful incidents happen in many workplaces. Consistent harassment, break-ins or other incidents may all be legitimate causes of mental stress. Speak with an attorney today about your specific case.

Put Yourself In The Best Position Possible

There are many attorneys in California. Not all of those attorneys have over 30 years of experience and a dedicated team to represent you. At Ozurovich, Schwartz & Brown, our lawyers know workers’ compensation law inside and out. We help families across Torrance and Long Beach get the medical care and compensation they need.

Feel safe knowing you have the best legal help possible. Call our office at 310-803-9205 or reach out to our legal team online. There’s no risk — your first consultation is free. We can help you. Se habla español.

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