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Torrance Lawyer Helping People With Stressful Jobs

Work injuries and illnesses do not only happen in labor-intensive or hazardous workplaces. Stressful work environments can also cause great harm, increasing the risk of cardiovascular ailments like high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, as well as that of mental health disorders.

Helping You Find A Solution In Los Angeles Area Claims

Your physical or emotional health can be influenced dramatically by your job. If you suspect that serious health effects are related to stress at work, call one of our workers’ compensation lawyers at 310-803-9205.

Our attorneys can give you professional advice about whether you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim. The consultation is free and confidential.

High-Stress Jobs Have Potential Health Risks, Like High Blood Pressure

Excessive stress is seen as a problem in many cultures, and it is warned against consistently by doctors and health experts. While most of us do not deliberately subject ourselves to unhealthy levels of emotional stress, our jobs may end up providing more than we can handle.

Jobs where emotional stress can be high include:

  • Teachers and school staff
  • Workers in mental health professions
  • Health care workers
  • Law enforcement and corrections workers
  • Commercial pilots
  • Firefighters and EMTs
  • Administrators and supervisors

We Have Experience In These Complex Cases

Since 1980, the California workers’ compensation attorneys of Ozurovich, Schwartz & Brown have been helping people get payments and medical coverage for work-related injuries and illnesses. Our partner attorneys are workers’ comp specialists with decades of experience in the field.

The consultation is free. Contact us to arrange a meeting with an experienced attorney at our firm. We can help you if you are dealing with high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke or another health problem that you believe is related to work or is keeping you from working.

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