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Denied Or Delayed Workers’ Comp Benefits

Why would an individual who was clearly hurt at work be denied workers’ compensation benefits? Why would an insurance company delay benefits to an individual who urgently needs financial support?

The answer is simple: The more money an insurance company pays out in claims, the less money available for profits. Insurance adjusters are biased in favor of the insurance provider. It is hard for an injured worker to recover fair workers’ compensation benefits without help from an experienced attorney who knows the system and how to make it work in favor of an injury victim.

At Ozurovich, Schwartz & Brown, our lawyers are dedicated to helping injured or disabled workers get what they need to recover both medically and financially. We work with our clients personally so that they can have their questions answered and their legal matters handled directly by the attorney who represents them.

When you contact our office, you will be given the attention you need and deserve. Let us help you. Call 310-803-9205 to set up a free consultation.

Opportunities To Appeal A Denied Claim

Some claims are denied out of simple mismanaged paperwork or misunderstandings in the process. You may have missed a crucial deadline. Your file may have gotten lost in the system. These cases are not necessarily easily resolved, but the path to resolving them is a bit more clear. Make sure that you thoroughly document every step of your claim process and keep a file of any correspondence between you, your employer, medical providers and the insurance company involved in your claim.

Other claims end up denied or delayed when the legitimacy of the claim is in dispute. The employer may assert that the injury did not happen at work nor as the result of job activities. If this is the case, the appeal process begins with a hearing. At this point, the injury victim has the opportunity to present thorough evidence that the injury occurred at work or was the result of repetitive motions or stress from workplace activities.

A California Workers’ Comp Attorney Will Make A Difference

You are well-advised to have an experienced attorney on your side through every stage of the process, including initial claim filing. This is especially true once you deal with administrative law judge hearings and the appeals process. There may be multiple levels of appeal, and missing deadlines or making mistakes in early stages can affect your opportunities later on.

Every case is different, so make sure to work with an experienced attorney at our firm. Contact our office in Torrance, California, online or call us to arrange a free consultation. We are here to help.

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