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Torrance Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ comp is not just about money — it’s a legal matter. California workers’ compensation laws provide for specific benefits for people who have experienced workplace injuries. The fact is that these laws were set up to protect both workers and employers, and create fairness and justice.

Get The Help You Need When You Are Hurt: Since 1980, the Torrance workers’ compensation attorneys of Ozurovich, Schwartz & Brown have been helping people get maximum compensation to help with their injuries and illnesses.

Call us at 310-803-9205 for a free consultation about your case. Se habla español.

Work Directly With An Experienced Lawyer

Whether your injury or illness developed over time, or it happened as the result of one event, we can help you get the maximum benefit for which you qualify. If you have a back or neck injury, a knee or shoulder problem, a repetitive stress injury or another ailment, talk to us. We can explain your rights under workers’ comp law and help you develop a plan for yourself.

Your case will not be managed by a lawyer, nor a paralegal. Each of our clients is represented by a workers’ comp attorney — a specialist certified in the field by The State Bar of California. All legal work and court appearances, including any necessary appeals, will be handled by your attorney.

We represent workers in all fields, including construction, manufacturing and health care.

You Can Get A Settlement And Still Keep Your Job

Many people are afraid of losing their jobs if they file for workers’ comp. They may be concerned that they will be punished or fired if they hire an attorney. While this is a common fear, the law says that you can’t be discriminated or retaliated against for hiring a lawyer to help you with a workers’ comp case; it also says that you can sue your employer in court if they break the law.

In fact, many of our clients keep their positions with the same company while receiving a workers’ compensation settlement.

Contact A Los Angeles Workplace Injury Attorney

Contact us to speak to an experienced attorney about your job accident or injury. We can answer any questions that you have about workers’ comp. The consultation is free, and there is no legal fee unless we win benefits for you.

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