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What To Expect When Working With The Social Security Administration

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are designed to help injured individuals and those with permanent disabilities get the financial support they need when they cannot work. While these benefits are available to injury victims, those individuals still face an uphill battle in actually collecting benefits.

Why is this the case? The Social Security Administration (SSA) is a busy government agency with many claims to process and limited resources. The fact is, not everyone who applies recovers benefits.

There Is Opportunity For Benefits Even If Your Claim Was Denied

Do not get discouraged. Many denied claims are the result of incomplete information and unsubstantiated claims. Working with our experienced attorneys at Ozurovich, Schwartz & Brown truly can make a difference in helping you work with the SSA so can you recover the benefits you need and deserve.

The Application And Appeals Process

SSDI and SSI claims are processed by local Social Security Administration field offices. Applications can be filed with these offices in person, by telephone, by mail or online. Representatives in field offices then review application materials for eligibility, which may include information about the impairment or disability and treatments, as well as personal information about the claimant’s employment and finances.

After the initial review process, claim documents are sent to a local disability determination services (DDSs) office. This is where the claimant’s impairments are evaluated from a medical perspective. The DDS evaluators determine whether or not an individual is considered blind or disabled under the law. If evidence is insufficient for this determination, the claimant may be asked to come to a consultative examination (CE) where more information can be gathered.

After the DDS office processes the file, it is returned to the SSA field office where final approval or denial of benefits is made. If your claim is denied, it will be kept so that you may appeal the decision and pursue the benefits you need.

How An Attorney Can Help

This entire process of recovering benefits can be lengthy. Meanwhile, injured persons or disabled individuals are likely struggling financially. If your claim is incomplete or fails to provide the comprehensive evidence of your injury or disability, you may end up waiting several months or more to actually begin collecting benefits.

Do not put your potential for benefits at risk by trying to do this alone. Our team of attorneys will give you the personal attention your case demands through every stage of the process so that you may collect maximum benefits as quickly as possible.

Contact our office in Torrance, California, online or by telephone at 310-803-9205 to set up a free consultation.

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