Can you get a second opinion for a worker-related injury?

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When you get hurt at work, workers’ compensation coverage helps protect you from big medical bills and falling massively behind on your personal obligations due to time off from your employment. One of the biggest benefits of making the claim for workers’ compensation coverage will be the full medical coverage available.

Whether you have to undergo corrective surgery or require several weeks of physical therapy to get back to work, you shouldn’t have to pay for that care at all. There will be no deductible to meet, nor any co-pays due at your individual appointments.

Unfortunately, you do give up some of your medical autonomy during a workers’ compensation claim. Sometimes you have to undergo special evaluations, and you have to see a physician who cooperates with the program. Typically, the doctor overseeing your care determines what treatment you will receive. What happens when you disagree with the doctor’s recommended course of treatment?

Workers in California have the right to a second opinion

Sometimes, doctors recommend a specific course of treatment that a patient wants to avoid. Frequently, workers may worry about surgery, for example, or they might prefer to avoid specific kinds of medication.

Simply ignoring the doctor’s recommendation will do far more harm than good. Medical non-compliance could potentially make you ineligible for future benefits. You will need to request a second opinion to continue receiving benefits when you disagree with a doctor’s treatment suggestion.

You have the right to request a second option and potentially to even request a third opinion if you disagree with both of the first two doctors who evaluate your condition. Talking to a second or third doctor could lead to different treatment options that you find more agreeable or that seem less invasive.

Knowing your rights is key to maximizing your benefits

You have to understand the rules that apply to workers’ compensation coverage in California if you hope to make the most of the benefits available to you. Understanding how to remain compliant with the requirements on you as the injured worker while also asserting your rights regarding the treatment you undergo may require professional help.

Bringing in legal support can increase your chances of getting benefits and avoiding mistakes related to workers’ compensation benefits in California.

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