Can I use workers’ compensation for repetitive stress injuries?

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Yes, you can. Workers’ compensation does not only cover catastrophic injuries sustained in the workplace. In fact, any injury is covered by workers’ compensation as long as it happened while discharging your duties as an employee. Given that the average American spends about a third of their life working, repetitive stress injuries are quite frequent among the nation’s workforce. 

Such injuries are gradual and occur due to repetitive motion, which negatively affects the tendons, muscles, or nerves. 

Common types of repetitive stress injuries

Repetitive stress injuries otherwise referred to as “motion injuries” or “occupational overuse” injuries, may affect any body part frequently used at work. Carpal tunnel syndrome is among the most common repetitive stress injuries. It causes pressure, tingling, or pain in your fingers or hands due to pressure on a nerve. Some other forms of repetitive stress injuries may include things like:

  • Tendinitis or inflammation of a tendon on your joints
  • Loss of hearing from exposure to loud noises
  • Tennis elbow, which causes pain around the elbow
  • Trigger finger, where your finger gets stuck in a bent position

Watch out for repetitive stress injuries

These kinds of injuries take time to develop, even taking years in some cases. As such, it is easy to overlook repetitive stress injuries, which may be detrimental to your life even after you retire. It is, therefore, necessary to be on the lookout for early signs like tenderness, cramps, loss of sensation, and pain or throbbing, among others. It depends on what your work entails, although some occupations carry a higher risk.

If you are a victim, it is worthwhile to know the course of action to take so that you can get compensation for your injuries. Repetitive strain injuries may affect your quality of life. Getting the justice you deserve is in your best interests.

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