How dangerous is the solid waste disposal industry?

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Solid waste workers are indispensable to all American citizens, including those in Torrance, California. 

Unfortunately, this vital industry poses many workplace accident and injury risks to its employees.

Do waste worker injuries qualify for worker’s comp?

Yes, workers’ compensation provides benefits like medical care coverage and wage replacement for waste workers injured on the job. However, it is always better to avoid workplace accidents whenever possible. For many, knowing the risks helps in avoiding incidents and injuries.

Solid waste workers, including those who work on garbage collection trucks, often suffer injuries and accidents like the following:

  • Strains, sprains, and over-exertion injuries
  • Exposure to hazardous or toxic substances
  • Being hit by garbage truck drivers
  • Injuries and accidents associated with handling large, heavy loads
  • Workplace accidents caused by jumping off and on collection vehicles

According to Waste Today Magazine, the annual nonfatal illness and injury rate for waste collectors in America continues to increase. On a more positive note, the illness and injury rate for those working in material recovery facilities has dropped by almost half in recent years.

In 2019, Safety and Health Magazine reported that the solid waste collection industry is the nation’s fifth most dangerous occupation. Despite this disturbing statistic, the magazine also reported that waste worker fatalities decreased by more than 9% between 2018 and 2019.

What if you’ve been injured at work?

Now that you understand some of the risks of working in waste collection, you have a better chance of avoiding a severe workplace accident. If you experience trouble receiving your due benefits from an on-the-job injury, consider learning more about your legal options.

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