What are construction’s Fatal Four?

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If you work in construction, you know that the job is dangerous — but do you really understand all of the risks you face?

The main four ways that workers pass away in the construction industry are known as the “Fatal Four.” This is important information because construction typically sees one of the highest overall injury and fatality totals every year. Knowing what these four issues are and how to avoid them may save lives. 

The main four risks you face on a construction job

With all of that in mind, here are the Fatal Four, which you may face every single day if you work in construction, roofing, masonry, or similar industries: 

  1. Falls: Workers often fall from ladders or from various levels within a structure.
  2. Electrocutions: Workers can be electrocuted by live wires, machines and equipment.
  3. Stuck by: Many workers are struck by tools or materials that someone else drops from above.
  4. Caught in-between: Workers can get caught between vehicles or heavy machinery.

There are many things you can do to reduce your risks. Check ladders before using them. Know if wires are hot before working. Consider the right safety gear. Be wary of your surroundings. These are all helpful steps to take.

That said, nothing guarantees your safety on the job. You can wear the right gear and work carefully, only to be injured by another worker’s mistake or when something unforeseen happens. Accidents are part of the risk that you face, and you must know how to seek workers’ comp if you do get injured. When a workers’ compensation claim goes awry, make sure that you speak with an experienced advocate.

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