Understanding your employer’s responsibilities for your workers’ compensation claim

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Did you know that your employer has responsibilities they need to keep when you file a workers’ compensation claim?

Most injured workers in Torrance, California, are not aware of their employers’ responsibilities in these situations. Many workers mistakenly believe that they only need to file the required paperwork to begin receiving benefits immediately. In reality, several steps must be taken before benefits can begin.

What are these employer responsibilities?

After an employee experiences a workplace accident resulting in injury, the employer must not block the filing of a valid workers’ compensation claim. Taking it a step further, the employer must facilitate these claims on behalf of the injured worker. Your employer’s administrative responsibilities toward you include:

  • Providing you with a form to file your claim within one day of the time of the incident
  • Giving you a completed copy of your form within one day after receiving your claim
  • Submitting your completed form to a claim administrator within one day after receiving your form
  • Submitting an employer report of the incident and injury to a claim administrator, also within one day of receiving your completed form
  • Authorizing up to $10,000 in proper medical treatment, which also must occur within one day after you turn in your claim
  • Providing you with an opportunity to perform light duty job tasks when appropriate

If your employer fails to meet his or her duties and a claims adjuster delays or denies your claim, consider asking a workers’ compensation attorney for guidance. In many cases, legal assistance may expedite your benefits or help you successfully appeal a denied claim. When you are injured and missing time at work, you need the help a workers’ compensation provides as quickly as possible.

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