Common causes of on-the-job accidents

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In California and across the country, workplace accidents are a common occurrence. A variety of factors can contribute to an increase of work-related injuries, ranging from exposure to hazardous materials to overexertion.

Each working environment is unique, and the best way for workers to avoid the risk of injury is to be aware of some of the most common causes of on-the-job accidents. If you work in an industry that requires constant lifting, you may be prone to sprains, strains or muscle tears due to lifting objects that are too heavy to lift on your own. Rather than attempting to lift an object that’s too difficult, consider asking for help to avoid the risk of injury.

If you work in an environment that requires manual labor, never fail to take your breaks. Taking adequate breaks is essential to avoid fatigue that could lead to a range of physical issues, including exhaustion. Without enough mental focus, you’ll be more prone to workplace accidents.

Another common cause of on-the-job injuries is dehydration, especially when the weather turns warmer. Failing to drink enough water when you’re working hard can lead to dire consequences such as cardiac episodes or heat stroke. Avoid this risk by drinking enough water each day. If your working environment is particularly rigorous, you should hydrate more.

The improper handling of hazardous materials can also lead to serious accidents in the workplace. Wearing the right personal protective equipment and remaining current about safety procedures is important to avoid the risk of injury.

Even as hard as you try to remain cautious on the job site, you can’t always prevent a workplace injury from happening. Serious accidents can lead to lost wages and expensive medical bills. If you’ve become injured at work, you might consider consulting with an attorney who has experience in workplace accidents.

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