Older, more established companies benefit from ignoring safety

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Many business owners in California have good reason to focus on the safety of their workers. If nothing else, the fines and workers’ compensation claims that they would face would take a toll on their productivity and survival. However, this concern is not shared by many older, larger and more well-established companies. On the contrary, these companies seem to thrive if they neglect safety.

This was the finding of an international study that analyzed the survival, over a period of 25 years, of more than 100,000 organizations based in Oregon. Researchers found that the larger a company was, the greater its chances of survival if it simply faced the fines and workers’ compensation claims. Companies in the study survived up to 56% longer by facing claims in particular.

This was especially true for companies with over 100 employees until quarterly claims exceeded $9 million. However, most companies never reach that level. On the other hand, businesses with fewer than 30 employees see little to no benefit in facing workers’ compensation claims as opposed to investing in workplace safety.

The results reflect the unfortunate reality that improving safety does not improve profits. Only rarely can businesses do justice to their workers while at the same time ensuring the company’s survival.

Those who are injured on the job may want to talk with a lawyer who deals in workplace accidents. If the employer was clearly neglecting safety, then it shouldn’t be too hard to file the claim and receive benefits. If victims themselves were at fault, though, the employer may deny payment. With a lawyer, victims may receive guidance, especially if it becomes necessary to mount an appeal. Victims may also ask about the ways they can settle the case.

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