Can mining accidents really be prevented?

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Working in mining is undoubtedly a high-risk occupation because of the inherent dangers involved. However, mining professionals are subject to a very high level of training so that they are able to work as safely as possible.

Both compulsory and optional training programs are in place for miners. Each mine should have an approved worker training program. As a miner, you may wonder to what extent mining accidents can be prevented. The following are some of the key initiatives that work to prevent injuries and fatalities among mining professionals.

Using machines for the most dangerous operations

Advanced technology makes it possible for machines to do the most dangerous work, keeping miners safe from the riskiest operations.

Safer explosive products

Between 1978 and 2000, 106 minors were killed by explosives, and 1050 were injured. Many injuries are now prevented through water-based emulsion explosives that use electronic detonators that vastly improve safety in the mining environment. This system makes it possible for miners to understand almost all potential safety issues before going into a charge-and-fire sequence.

Exploitation infrastructure

Exploitation infrastructure such as fire alarms, miner rescue operations and ventilation systems are continuously developing to create even more safety for miners.

While miner safety initiatives are always developing, unfortunately, accidents and fatalities can never be fully prevented, and they continue to occur in extreme situations. If you or a loved one has been affected by a mining accident, you should look into your legal rights to claim workers’ compensation. You may find that the compensation you can gain can help fund your recovery as well as help you to train for a new career.

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