The actions you should take after a work injury

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Being injured at work can be particularly shocking because it’s likely that you complete the same types of activities every day without incident. If you’re injured at work, you should make sure that you put your own health needs first. If you are in any pain, seek medical attention as soon as possible, and don’t consider carrying on with your work.

If you are worried about suffering financially by taking time off work to seek medical attention, you should remember that the vast majority of work injuries are covered by workers’ compensation, which can give you both medical coverage and a replacement income. Take the following steps after a work injury to get the treatment and coverage that you deserve.

Notify your employer

You should inform your employer of your work-related injury as soon as you can after it takes place. They then have the duty to provide you with a workers’ compensation claim form within one working day.

Fill out a claim form

You should then fill out the claim form by describing every aspect of your injury in detail. This form should be given to your employer in person or sent using certified mail.

Get medical care

Make sure that you have medical care provided by a doctor who specialized oil your particular injury. They will help to advise you on whether you can safely return to work and to treat you for all aspects of your injury.

Suffering an injury at work is a scary thing to go through. Workers’ compensation can help to ease the financial burden that this places on you and can help you to retrain in a different profession if necessary.

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