Recognizing the first signs of repetitive motion injury

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Repetitive motion injuries are fairly common in a wide range of professions. This is because many workers repeat the same types of movements several times per day while at work. Over time, this can cause injuries, and many cause workers to file for workers’ compensation as a result.

If you believe that you are suffering from a repetitive motion injury, it is important that you notify your employer as soon as possible. If you fail to notify your employer in good time, you may lose your right to make a claim. You should also develop a good understanding of the signs and symptoms of a repetitive motion injury, as well as know your rights when it comes to workers’ compensation.

The signs and symptoms of repetitive motion injuries

Repetitive motion injuries most often occur in the elbows, wrists and neck. The initial symptoms may be minor, but pain can become severe over time. You may experience an aching, tenderness or even tingling and numbness. You may also feel a weakness in the affected joint.

Benefits you may be able to gain from workers’ compensation

If you needed to seek medical attention as a result of your injury, you should be able to be fully compensated for these expenses under workers’ compensation insurance. You may also be able to have a portion of the wages reimbursed that you lost while recovering.

It is important that you address work-related injuries at the early stages. By doing so, you will lessen the impact it will have on your life. Make sure that you file for workers’ compensation so that you do not need to suffer financially as a result of your injuries.

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