Tips for reducing fall hazards in the workplace

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Workplace falls lead to numerous injuries every year, all over California. They’re consistently one of the major reasons that workers get hurt, and they often lead to very serious physical issues and complications.

What can employers do to reduce the odds of a fall? Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Understand the risks of working at heights. That’s how many deadly falls happen, and workers must have the proper equipment and safety gear.
  • Put up all guardrails, handrails and the like. Never leave an exposed edge.
  • Install proper lighting. This is especially true on the stairs, but it’s really true everywhere. Workers have to be able to see well.
  • Carry out regular safety inspections. Not only can you find hazards before they cause falls, but this also shows workers that safety is important. It makes it part of the company culture.
  • Clean up everything on the floor. This includes debris, water, oil, power cords, strapping and much more. Anything that sits on the floor in a walking area is a potential trip hazard.

Most of all, employers just need to know that the risk is very real. They have to work hard to keep people safe, and they do have to make it a priority. Many accidents could have been prevented with just a little extra work up front.

So, what happens if you do fall and get hurt on the job? The unfortunate reality is that it still does happen quite a lot. It is important for workers to understand all of their rights and the next steps that they need to take after an injury.

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