Common workplace injuries can also be the most expensive

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People get injured doing their jobs every day. And while some injuries come with a gruesome story (such as getting an arm trapped in a machine), the truth is that most workplace injuries are rather mundane. But that doesn’t mean they are any less deserving of attention.

Indeed, some of the most common injuries are the most expensive in terms of lost work time and medical expenses to employers. A statistical analysis published by Liberty Mutual shows that according to the most recent data, the costliest cause of serious but non-fatal workplace injuries continues to be “overexertion involving outside sources.” In today’s post, we’ll discuss what this means in more detail.

Although the term can seem somewhat vague, “overexertion involving outside sources” (OIOS) refers to injuries sustained while working with objects. This includes pushing, pulling, lifting and other actions. A common example would be back injuries suffered while lifting a heavy box. According to Liberty Mutual’s Workplace Safety Index, which ranks costliest non-fatal injuries resulting in five or more missed days of work, OIOS accounts for nearly a quarter of all workplace injury-related expenses.

Other common-yet-expensive injuries were also ranked, including:

  • Falls on the same level (not falling from height)
  • Being struck by an object or equipment
  • Falling to a lower level
  • Work-related auto accidents
  • Slipping or tripping without falling

The important takeaway from this report is that injuries happen on the job, and they don’t need to be catastrophic in order to be compensable or worthy of attention. If you’ve suffered an on-the-job injury that requires medical attention and time away from work, you may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation. If you have questions or concerns about filing or appealing a decision, please contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

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