Did you tear your rotator cuff at work?

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Shoulder injuries are hard to ignore. Whether you tore your rotator cuff in one incident, or slowly degraded it over time, you may be entitled to compensation.

What does a torn rotator cuff feel like?

Whenever pain prevents you from working or living your normal life, it is time to see a doctor. The Mayo Clinic describes a torn rotator cuff injury as feeling like any of the following:

  • A deep, dull ache in your shoulder (often following the line where your collarbone ends).
  • Difficulty raising your arms above your head or reaching behind your back.
  • Weakness in your arm.
  • Difficulty sleeping because of pain.

This pain could result from a single devastating injury from lifting something heavy over your head, or a result of lifting heavy things over a long period of time. Athletes, painters, carpenters and those with a history of muscle or joint weakness are at an increased risk for this injury.

Wheat could happen to an untreated torn rotator cuff?

Other than a significant amount of pain, you could suffer in the long-term if your shoulder pain goes untreated. You could permanently lose your range of motion. When those muscles don’t move over a long period of time, they often atrophy, thicken and “freeze” in place.

Doctors often recommend stretching and strengthening therapies to help rebuild the muscle and prevent future injury. Severe cases require dangerous surgical procedures that have an arguable success rate.

If you have developed a shoulder injury and suspect it is a result of your history as a carpenter or athlete, learn about your legal options. Without treatment, you could suffer from high medical bills and years of pain.

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