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Posts tagged "Workplace Accidents"

Why are ladder accidents so common in the workplace?

Construction workers, electricians and interior decorators commonly use ladders as part of their work. While ladders are ergonomically designed and must undergo rigorous safety testing before being sold, they are unfortunately a common cause of workplace accidents.

Complications that can result after a ladder fall

Construction workers often use ladders so that they can conduct their job. Ladders can be used safely, but care must be taken to ensure that they are well-maintained, placed at the correct angle and are not subjected to weights beyond their loading limit. Different types of ladders have different capacities; therefore, workers who use different types of ladders each day should be aware of how to use each one.

What injury risks do miners face?

Mining is one of the most dangerous industries. Countless individuals are hurt or killed while working in narrow or hollowed-out workspaces thousands of feet underground each year. Hard rock and coal mines are particularly dangerous. Those who work in these types of environments run a higher risk of getting hurt than others.

You can get compensation for your injuries and still keep working

If you work in a warehouse in Torrance, then it's quite possible that your company uses propane as the energy source to power the forklifts there. If your California employer uses this gas and stores the canisters on the premises, then you and your co-workers should be trained on how to properly handle them. This is the only way to ensure that one of you won't get seriously hurt on the job.

The Chemical Safety Board says hydrofluoric acid hurts workers

In February of 2015, a catastrophic explosion rocked the Torrance Exxon Mobil Corporation refinery. The Chemical Safety Board (CSB) has since investigated several similar explosions across the United States. One of the most recent ones occurred just over a year ago in Wisconsin. On April 23, the CSB requested that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study hydrofluoric acid more closely.

Why does Tesla have more safety fines than its competitors?

Many people consider Teslas among the most technically advanced vehicles on the road. The head of Tesla, Elon Musk, once said that its assembly plant, located in Fremont, California, would be the most automated one in the world. However, Tesla's assembly lines are manned by human workers, just as other automakers' assembly lines are.

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