Protecting yourself when using a hammer 

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Hammers are commonplace on virtually every worksite. For the onlooker, it may look like there isn’t much skill to using this item. Nonetheless, it takes a lot of practice to get used to using this tool, especially in a safe manner. 

If something goes wrong when using a hammer, the resulting injuries can be severe. Outlined below are a few tips to keep yourself safe while using a hammer

Protect your eyes 

Eye protection is frequently utilized when workers use power tools. Nonetheless, it is important to use this safety equipment when using manual tools, as well. The force of a hammer strike can cause small projectiles and debris to fly through the air. If such items come into contact with your eyes, then you may suffer from temporary or even permanent blindness. 

Not using the tool appropriately 

It’s easy for workers to fall into bad habits over the years. It may be more convenient to utilize the side of the hammer for some tasks. However, this is not how they are designed to be used. Nails should only be hammered in with the flat surface of the hammerhead, as well as only being removed with the designated part of the tool at the back. 

Using damaged equipment 

All tools should be checked regularly to ensure that they are still safe and effective. Older hammers are prone to cracking after being used for a long time. If a hammer is cracked, it could shatter and cause a serious injury. Also, if the head of the hammer is not securely attached to the handle, an injury is extremely likely. 

Your employers have a duty to make sure your working environment is as safe as possible. You should be provided with the appropriate tools and safety equipment for the job. If you’ve been injured at work, make sure you explore your options in terms of workers’ compensation

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