What protects you when a work injury permanently affects you?

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Workers in California can get hurt on the job in many different ways. Some could suffer a broken arm because of a machinery malfunction, While others could develop nerve damage due to an electrical injury. 

Work-acquired illnesses are also a concern. Frequent exposure to chemicals or radiation could cause serious illnesses. Some people even develop repetitive stress injuries due to performing the same work for many years in a row. 

You probably understand that workers’ compensation benefits will cover your medical costs and help replace your wages if you need a leave of absence to recover. What protections are available if your injury or illness has a lasting effect on the jobs you can perform? 

Workers’ compensation also helps those with permanent medical consequences

The California workers’ compensation is not just a temporary benefit. There are also permanent benefits available for those with lifelong consequences from a work-acquired medical condition. 

If someone is so severely injured that they can never work again, they can qualify for permanent total disability benefits. Those with an injury that affects what work they can do may also qualify for permanent benefits. 

Once a doctor decides the condition is permanent and stationary, permanent workers’ comp benefits could be an option. A medical evaluation can determine what percentage of impairment you experience. That percentage will then influence the permanent partial disability benefits that you may receive. Those benefits can help cover the difference between your prior income and your current earning potential. 

Learning about different workers’ compensation benefits will help you know which ones you need after a workplace injury.

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