The construction industry and the Fatal Four

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The construction industry is widely recognized as one of the most dangerous industries in the United States, leading to high numbers of catastrophic injuries and fatalities every year. Per capita, it is not technically the most dangerous industry, since smaller industries have higher fatality rates. However, with millions of construction workers in the United States, the totals tend to be the highest for construction workers.

Within these statistics, researchers have identified what they call the Fatal Four. These are the main four issues that take lives on the job every year. It is important for workers to know what they are so that they can limit their own risks.

What are the biggest risks?

While every construction site is going to have some of its own unique risks, the Fatal Four are as follows:

  1.     Getting caught in a machine or between two objects
  2.     Electrocutions
  3.     Object strikes
  4.     Falls

Of these, the most common way that workers are injured or killed is a fall. It sounds so simple, but it happens so often, and it can happen in many different ways. Sometimes, a worker may fall from one level of a project to another. In other cases, a worker may fall from a ladder or scaffolding. Furthermore, a worker could simply trip and fall on the same level, striking their head on the way to the ground. All of these falls go into the same category, and that is why it is such an incredible risk to construction workers every year.

What can you do if you get injured?

If you do get injured or if you lose a loved one in a workplace accident, you have options to get workers’ compensation benefits. Make sure you know about all of the legal steps you have to take to pursue this compensation.






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