Can you claim workers’ compensation when playing games?

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If you secured your dream job at one of Southern California’s gaming firms, the thought of a workplace accident might not have crossed your mind. However, it is not only accidents that can cause you harm. Overuse injuries are a big risk for anyone who spends their day online.

Let’s say your job involves testing out new games. Your job might not seem strenuous. It might not seem like a job at all. However, you put a lot of strain on specific body parts. Like a classical musician, you rely on your hands to earn a living. Injuring them through overuse could leave you unable to continue your career.

What repetitive strain injuries affect the gaming industry?

There are several repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) that you need to be aware of:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: You will note this in your wrist. You may need steroids or surgery to treat it.
  • Tendonitis: You will feel this in your forearm. It can make anything from holding a beer glass to gripping the steering wheel of your car painful.
  • Trigger finger: The official name is stenosing tenosynovitis. It can make it difficult to flex your finger.
  • Gamers Thumb: The technical name is De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis. It results in thumb and wrist pain.
  • Arthritis: If your gran could get arthritis from knitting, you can get it from gaming.

Use ergonomic equipment to reduce the chance of repetitive strain injuries in your wrist and hands. Take frequent rests and do stretching exercises. If it is too late and you already have pain seek legal help. You may be able to claim workers’ compensation benefits to help with the costs of healing. California requires all employers to hold workers’ compensation insurance, irrespective of the number of people they employ or the industry they operate in.

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