Can you get your SSD payments increased?

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If you’re unable to work and live in California, Social Security Disability could replace your income and help you provide for your family. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to accept a fixed rate of benefits for the rest of your life. Your benefits could actually increase if you undergo certain life changes.

When can you get your SSD payments increased?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) takes your household’s income into consideration when figuring out your monthly payment. If you lose a member of your household, you might be eligible for higher Social Security Disability(SSD) benefits. For example, if your spouse or adult child supported you with their income, you might get more SSD if they pass away.

You might also be eligible for higher payments if you’re taking care of a minor or disabled child. You should also reconsider the way your benefits were calculated. If the SSA bases your check off a parent or spouse’s income, you might be eligible for increased benefits if the SSA looks at your previous income instead. You could also be eligible for the Supplemental Security Income program if you’ve experienced a sudden decrease in income. A Social Security Disability attorney could evaluate your situation and help you figure out how to get the most possible benefits.

When should you hire an attorney?

For best results, consider hiring an attorney before you file a claim. An attorney could help you make sure that your information is correct before you file, which increases your chances of getting accepted. If you’ve already filed and received a denial from the SSA, an attorney could figure out what went wrong and help you correct the issue.

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