How to increase your Social Security Disability insurance

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Social Security Disability Insurance could provide someone with helpful payments during troubling times. Persons unable to work due to a proven disability may find an SSDI check offers their only option for purchasing essential items. However, some California residents may find that the amount provided by the Social Security Administration appears too low. Seeking a higher payment amount may become a priority for them.

The formula the government uses

Laws and statutes direct how the Social Security Administration determines how much money someone may receive via Social Security benefits. The amount of money someone earns and the Social Security taxes the person pays factor into the amount.

Anyone interested in seeing an estimate of his or her possible disability benefits could do so through the Social Security Administration. However, increasing the amount beyond what you paid in taxes based on your earnings wouldn’t be possible. You get out what you paid into the system.

Veterans receiving Veterans Affairs disability benefits may file for SSDI. If approved for both, the amount could cover several expenses.

Applying for the benefits

A formal application process exists for those interested in applying for SSDI benefits. An applicant must be unable to work for one year and provide the necessary medical documentation supporting the claim. That does not mean someone must be out of work for one year before being eligible. There must be a credible prediction the person won’t be able to work for that duration.

Denials for SSDI benefits mean a person won’t receive any benefits. A thorough, accurate and complete application could lead to an approval. Denials occur, but there is an appeals process applicants may follow.

Social Security Disability Insurance payments derive from one’s earnings and Social Security taxes. Persons in need of benefits may wish to speak to a lawyer regarding filing for benefits. An attorney could assist a client by putting the application package together or filing an appeal.

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