Preventing work-related falls with training, right equipment

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Though workers in California do not run as high a risk for falls as they do for a car crash or a slip and fall, they should know that fall incidents can result in the most serious injuries. Workers who fall from a ladder, for example, have a hospitalization rate that’s three times the average rate for workers who suffer any other injury.

The consequences of a fall

Falls affect more than just the victim. Co-workers may lose their morale after such an incident, and productivity may drop. Workers’ compensation costs can be enormous, too. In nearly half of fall-related injury cases, the victims miss at least a month of work. The cost to replace tools and equipment that were dropped in the fall can be high as well.

Complacency, human error and other factors

Many falls occur because workers were not properly trained or were not formed in a sufficiently safety-minded work culture. Other times, even the most well-trained employees may fall as a result of impatience or fatigue.

Employers must provide proper training, then, following all OSHA guidelines in this regard. Before a job, employers should ensure that a risk assessment takes place. They should have the right ladders, harnesses and other equipment for the job. A supervisor should be at the job site at all times.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim

You were injured in a fall, and regardless of who was at fault, you may be eligible for workers’ comp benefits. These benefits cover a portion of the income you lost and also include temporary or permanent disability benefits. To see how much you might receive, you may want to see a lawyer. The lawyer might help you file an appeal, too, if your employer tries to deny payment on the grounds that you were negligent.

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