What injury risks do manufacturing workers face?

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California companies who operate in the manufacturing industry know how dangerous this line of work can be. That acknowledgment is one reason why many of them are enormously proactive in making sure that they regularly maintain their heavy machinery and provide their workers with the necessary safety equipment to keep themselves safe. Their efforts aren’t always enough, though, and workers do get hurt.

It’s not uncommon for manufacturing workers to suffer dislocations, cuts, fractures, puncture wounds or amputations in working with or around light or heavy machinery on an everyday basis.

Others work around hazardous materials. These can leave workers with long-term diseases or skin disorders.

The risks that manufacturing workers face have decreased in recent years. Employees in this sector have undergone more on-the-job-training about how to utilize machinery properly and how to best stay safe around hazardous materials. Protective gear such as safety goggles, face masks and reinforced gloves have aided workers in avoiding injuries.

Regulators have dedicated even more time to researching how to minimize workers’ injury risks, especially as they repeat the same tasks their entire shift. Their focus has focused on reducing the incidence rate of strains and strains in these instances. Employers have begun encouraging their workers to perform pre-shift exercises to minimize their risk of these and other musculoskeletal disorders, something that may result in them applying for long-term disability benefits down the road.

While regulators are taking steps to minimize the risks of manufacturing workers getting hurt, they still need to do a lot of work to ensure that these safety measures trickle down to the workers. Something like this can take time to happen. Many individuals who work in the manufacturing sector will likely end up with disabling impairments in the interim. An attorney here in Torrance can advise you what type of benefits you may be eligible to receive if you’ve been hurt on the job anywhere in California.

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