Avoiding nursing injuries, illnesses in 10 steps

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The nursing field is full of hazards, and nurses in California, as elsewhere, are prone to suffer from injuries or illness. With the following 10 tips in mind, though, they may be able to minimize the risks. The first two steps are to practice good self-care, such as eating healthy and exercising, and to obtain sufficient sleep. Studies show how fatigue puts nurses and other workers at risk.

Nurses should be up-to-date on their flu vaccination. Influenza can be transmitted just by sneezing and coughing. They should keep up with vaccinations for hepatitis B and measles, mumps and rubella, too. Fifth, nurses should be aware that washing their hands is the most effective way to prevent illness. Next, they should wear the right protective gear: gloves, gowns, eye protection and so on.

With the prevalence of needlestick- and sharps-related injuries in the nursing field, it’s essential to properly handle and dispose of needles. Don’t use connection systems unless they are necessary. Eighth, nurses can prevent ergonomic injuries by practicing good body mechanics: rotating tasks from the right hand to the left and changing their position now and then.

Rather than manually lift a patient, nurses could consider using lift and transfer equipment. Lastly, nurses should not be afraid to speak up or step up to help a co-worker.

Nurses can sometimes be injured even when they themselves were being safety-minded. They may be left dealing with medical expenses and even a temporary or permanent disability as a result, but by pursuing a workers’ compensation case, they may be reimbursed for these and for a portion of their lost income. For assistance with their claim, victims may hire a lawyer. The lawyer may also discuss the two ways in which victims may opt for a settlement.

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