Claiming workers’ compensation for cumulative trauma disorder

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It’s common for workers to suffer from injuries that are caused by repetitive strains or motions. This is because a person’s job might require them to take certain physical actions repeatedly and continuously over time. Those operating machinery, carrying out repetitive tasks or working at computers are particularly at risk.

If you have suffered injuries due to repetitive motions at work, you may be suffering from a cumulative trauma disorder. This will likely mean that your injury was not sudden, and your pain started to increase over time. This can make it more difficult to make a workers’ compensation claim, but it is still possible to do so.

Since your work tasks are what caused you the injury, you will likely need to take time off work in order to recover. This could lead you to lose wages as a result. In addition, seeking medical treatment for your cumulative trauma disorder may be costly. This is why it is important to ensure that you are successful in claiming workers’ compensation.

How can I increase my chances of successfully claiming workers’ compensation?

First, you should try to report your injury to your employer in writing as soon as you notice that there is a problem. Doing so will help you provide evidence that the injury was cumulative. Second, you should make sure to take action to file for workers’ compensation after damages have occurred.

If you are worried that your employer will not be happy about you filing for workers’ compensation, it is important to remember that you are legally protected from any form of retaliation when making a claim. This means that your employer cannot take any negative action against you because you filed for workers’ compensation.

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