Don’t risk a workers’ compensation denial

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If you are injured on the job, you may find yourself searching for financial relief in the near future. This is particularly true if your injury keeps you out of work for an extended period of time.

While the workers’ compensation system is designed to help people in your situation, obtaining benefits is easier said than done.

There are many mistakes lurking, all of which can result in a workers’ compensation denial. Here are several things to avoid:

  • Hiding your injury: Don’t hide your injury from your employer, but instead, share as many details as possible as soon as you can. You don’t want your employer to think you were injured outside of work.
  • Forgetting to file a claim: Quickly filing a workers’ compensation claim eliminates the possibility of missing the deadline. Strive to do this within one week of suffering an injury.
  • Neglecting to receive medical treatment: There’s never a good time to diagnose yourself, especially if you have workers’ compensation benefits on the line. Even if you’re not the type who typically visits the doctor, professional treatment is required if you want to qualify for benefits.

Even if you do everything you can to position yourself to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you could still run into a problem along the way. For example, your employer may fight back by arguing that you were not injured on the job.

If your initial workers’ compensation claim is denied, learn more about the reason and the appeals process. You don’t want to give in if you’re entitled to benefits, as the money can help you as you recover.

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